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Discover a unique niche that will get you noticed!

Want to know a new way to stand out in an overcrowded market?

Let me tell you a secret...

When you take a look at the biggest market in the world, "uhm uhm Amazon", you see tons of potential but...

You'll see people with tons of puzzle booksjournals, planners and other low content stuff but the market seems so saturated.  

What about if there was an easy way to create a unique product and you could easily get started today?

Well my friend, I think I have just the ticket for you!

Break into the hidden market on Amazon and Etsy for puzzle cutout books and printables with thousands of hungry buyers!


Print It Cut It Solve It

Our new cloud based software program and training that shows you how to take your existing images and turn them into money-making puzzles, scissor cutout books and more!!


Upload Your Graphic

Simply upload your favorite PNG image.  Works with both color and black & white images.

Let the software create a unique puzzle

Adjust a few easy settings and press the button.  BLAM! the software creates a unique puzzle for you every time!

Now scramble that puzzle

The software has a built-in puzzle scrambler or you can do it yourself.  You can also adjust it manually after.

Now Download that Puzzle in PNG or PDF!


Use Your Images In A Variety of Personal & Commercial Creations.

Puzzle Cutout and Scissor Skill Books

Make your own books or add them to your puzzle books that you can sell on Amazon, Etsy, Ebay and others.


Print them out. Use them at baby showers, birthday parties, placemats and more.

Physical Products

Add them to physical products like stickers.  They're great because they have the border needed.

Great for Young and Old

Both young and old like puzzles, and cutouts are great for hand-eye coordination.

PLR Products

Create your own PLR products. Give them away as lead magnets or sell them for others to use. Your unrestricted license lets you do all that!

And many more ideas!

Get Started

So what do you get?

  • Our amazing web based software that allows you to quickly make puzzle images

  • Choose between original image, white outline and black outline for cutouts

  • The ability to add your own graphic images

  • A complete set of video tutorials over the software and creating your first pictures

  • Access to a "Customer Only" Facebook group where you can interact with other like-minded people. Book publishers, printable creators, kindle authors, physical product creators and more.

  • Top notch support always ready to help

Take the advantage of this amazing software and step-by-step training at an extremely low price.

Unlimited Puzzle Image Creation

No Monthly Fee - One Time Price

  • Your transactions are 100% secured. We use the best possible encryption method available.

  • "We take your satisfaction seriously"

    by giving you solutions that work!

    Robert Borsuk - Owner Colourfull Creations, coach, instructor, programmer and more.

    • Training - Our products come with extensive training to get you up and going quick.

    • Support - If you have a problem, question, comment, whatever. We’re here to listen and to help. We have an easy to access support desk where we can address any issues you might have.

    • We stand behind our products - by providing enhancements and bug fixes. These are the same products we use in our business.

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